Author Maria Imbalzano is a retired divorce lawyer who has a higher calling — to write contemporary romance novels. Book 1 of her new Sworn Sisters Series, SWORN TO FORGET,  was released in July, 2018 and Book 2 of the Series, SWORN TO REMEMBER will be released soon. Her other books,  “Dancing in the Sand” and “Unchained Memories” are available in print and e-book. Both novels can be purchased at amazon.com, The Wild Rose Press and various other vendors. 

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Praise for Sworn to Forget

Posted at Nov 11, 2018 2:36 pm

“Sworn to Forget” has garnered many five star reviews for which I am grateful. It’s humbling and validating to see that hard work has paid off and my readers are enjoying the fruits of that labor. I hope you will have to chance to pick up a copy on Kindle, Nook, iTunes or print through amazon. Here are a few snippets from reviewers.

“Two whirlwinds of emotions, passion, wounded pasts collide to make one heck of a hurricane.  How does everything in it’s wake survive? There are many painful moments that take time to get over. So much happens in this novel and it’s so intense and heart stopping…. Just when your heart may drop, it’s picked back up and squeezed with love and put back in and cradled and pumped back to life!.”   by Trully

“A book that takes the reader through every possible emotional roller coaster. You get the highs and lows of life. You get love, you get heart break, you get life long friendship, you get dark secrets; you get hidden demons….I was deeply challenged when reading this book. It is excellently written, and I recommend it to almost everyone.”   by N.N. Light

“I began reading, thinking this was going to be a chick read. It didn’t take but a few pages to become wrapped in a story woven with fine threads, and twists, that captivated me to the final page when tears flowed from my eyes, tears of joy for Nicki and Dex…and author Maria Imbalzano. I wait with anticipation for Sworn to Remember in Sworn Sisters Series Book 2.”  by Esquire




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